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Quick Update

Remember that post I made a while ago that stated that I was looking for new software to use?

Well I’ve recently installed a version of Adobe Flash and I have a great liking towards it, so now I think I’ve gotten that problem sorted out.

With that out of the way, hopefully you’ll see a new Brotherzod comic some time in the future, one that looks real good!

Who knows? There might even be some interactive games and short films on the site too! You’ll just have to wait and see . . . (que evil laughter)

Thanks for your continued support!



Here’s another Brotherzod for you folks! You might notice that this comic may look a bit different in one of two ways

Either A) the characters look a bit different or B) the comic looks like it was drawn on paper

To fill in the first void; the reason the characters look so much more different then they did last time is because I’ve been able to hone my art skills over the past schoolyear.
You may notice that the characters actually have necks, dynamic clothing, improved hairstyle and facial expressions, and their heads don’t look like pancakes.
So if you’re wondering why I’ve been doing absolutely nothing Brotherzod wise, that’s why. (Actually, 25% of that time was spent doodling and improving, the other 75% was spent playing videogames. Simply fool’d you.)

To fill in void number two, I’ve drawn the comic on paper because I felt as if the current drawing setup I have (Mouse and a Keyboard) simply didn’t feel right for making comics with I’ll be looking to get a proper drawingpad to use in future Brotherzod comics.

In the meantime, You’ll be getting good old poorly lit photos of paper peices with scrawling on them

Also, I figured you might have gotten a bit confused as to who the specific characters are in the comic (except for sam), so now’s probably a good time to give you an overview and names of the characters!

The two characters in the comic are Sam and Ridgewell. Ridgewell is the younger sibbling of Phillip (the guy with the unibrow), and Sam is the younger sibbling of Tom (The guy who gets hurt and runs into stuff becuz it’s funneh).

They’re basically the main characters of the comic, but they have a few other friends aswell. Such as Marion the girl with black hair and Robin the guy with the hat.
There are also a few other characters in the comic, but I’ll get to those another time (and I promise it won’t be another year until I do that).

So now you’re all caught up with Brotherzod, expect to see more in the future!